Diploma in Fire and Safety Management is a thorough study of risk, management, and measures that can be taken during any fire incidents. The course plan of this program mainly focuses on training its candidates to gain a clear and thorough knowledge of the preventive that can be applied during times of emergency.

Diploma in Fire and Safety Management curriculum consists mainly of training sessions that are carried on real-life scenarios and incidents, as well as mock drills. The program mainly focuses on teaching the science that is involved in fire and firefighting. The course broadly covers the topics related to fire prevention, communication systems, engineering of fire safety and first-aid carried on.

The diploma in Fire and Safety Management course is basically about Planning, Implementing, Controlling, and monitoring the fire safety standards and to ensure those standards are maintained. In every Infrastructure, there is a chance of fire mishaps from explosions or any other accidents. The fire and safety in-charge manager find the solutions to prevent accidents and make sure that all the infrastructure factors are followed according to safety standards.

The goal of the course is to prevent any mishap that could be caused due to fire and protect people if something like this happens.